"Utilize every means to make this school a garden of the All-Merciful from  which the lights of learning will cast their beams, and wherein the children, will be educated to such  a degree as to become God’s gifts to mankind, 
and the pride of the human race. Let them make the greatest progress in the shortest span  of time, let them open wide their eyes and uncover the inner  realities of all  things, become proficient  in every  art  and skill, and 
           learn to comprehend the secrets of all things even as they are................."












The Society started in 1933  under the patronage and earge of the Gujrati  people  to  promote Education . The society was built in the  place of Gayaram Trust and letter on named Panchavati Education Society.You will be amazed at the rapid pace at which this institution  has grown in just 70 years in term of quality and number of students.
            We started off  with  just  20  students and now  we  have over 3000  students   learning  now  with  the  efforts  of  President  , Directors , Principals  and staff . Students of the school are truly meeting the top most standard in all the fields.